Now is the time for Web Design Foundations

Web Design Foundation Course

Are you a creative who wants to know the basics of the web? Do you run a not for profit agency and want to take control of your website? Have you ever thought about putting up your own website to show yourself, your creation or products but thought it to be too complicated?

Absolutely anyone can learn the basics of web design and get their own stage for expression and communication online. Creatives from all fields can benefit from gaining control of their own space on the web. No need to worry if you are not a webwizz, we will take from the basics of the Internet to the more advanced topics of HTML and CSS. All you need is a bit of spare time, enthusiasm and basic computer literacy.

Course leader, Web Developer Chris Mills says:

I believe that the web is the most important communication and expression mechanism the world has ever known. It allows anyone to communicate with others, regardless of locale, ability or any other personal considerations. That is, if it is populated by web sites that are built properly, according to best practices and guidelines.

Web Design Foundations is a four part modular course aimed at anyone who wants to learn about how the Web works from the very basic beginnings and be taken step by step to the point where they know how to build a basic modern best practices web site and put it online. This includes a bit of theory, but it largely focuses on getting your hands dirty with code (such as HTML and CSS), and learning how it REALLY works.

You are welcome to take the whole course or hop on on any of the parts, depending on your level of skill. We also give you free web spaceto play around with, so that you don’t have to pay for hosting – ever!

All Web Design courses are run in the evenings, making it convenient for professionals. The advanced courses take place over two days giving you time to really get into the subject.

Web Design Foundations courses are very reasonably priced, with a discount if you book yourself onto two or more modules.

We love web design so much that we created this music video.

Upcoming courses

Web Design Foundations 1: Introduction to the Web, and Web design

2nd April (6pm-10pm)

Web Design Foundations 2: HTML Basics

23rd April and 30th April (6pm-9pm)

Web Design Foundations 3: CSS Basics

14th May and 21st May (6pm-9pm)

Web Design Foundations 4: Advanced CSS and HTML topics

11th June and 18th June (6pm-9:30pm)

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