North West Technical Communicators Group

North West Technical Communicators Group

Title: North West Technical Communicators Group
Location: MadLab
Description: Technical writers/communicators, information designers based in and around the North West.
Start Time: 19:00
End Time: 21:00

Handling Difficult Conversations – staying steady and communicating clearly in high-stakes interactions

Whether it’s selling your ideas, asking for help, or dealing with upset or angry customers, we can all do with some
help in handling awkward situations!

Andrew Lightheart is a communication specialist who you may have heard speak at TCUK11.

As well as coaching presentations, Andrew also helps professionals get better at difficult conversations.
In this talk, he will give you practical advice about:  how to deal with the dread of awkward interactions

  •   how to prepare so that you are more able to hold steady in the face of challenging interactions
  •   how to listen in ways that reduce everyone’s stress
  •   how to speak so that things move more naturally towards positive outcomes.

With plenty of time for questions,  you really don’t want to miss this intensive yet accessible session.