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Title: North West Technical Communicators-Who enjoys filling out an application for a driving licence.
Location: MadLab
Description: Technical writers/communicators, information designers based in and around the North West.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2011-12-01
End Time: 21:00

Who enjoys filling out an application for a driving licence?

Robert Hempsall will be reprising the talk he gave at TCUK11 with Caroline Jarrett

Both of them had to tackle the UK Driving Licence Application Form (D1) recently, and found that it was particularly problematic, with extensive notes and instructions. But does it need to be like that? They presented a redesigned version of the form and notes, and how they got there. Along the way, they had some successes and some surprises. The overall aim is to demonstrate how a revised design can save time and stress for the user and money for the organisation.

Robert will talk about their  findings from usability testing and how they tackled the design and writing processes to make the form and the notes more user friendly. he will also be sharing the feedback he got at TCUK.

About Robert Hempsall

Robert is a specialist in making information easy to understand, through the use of plain language and navigable design. During 6 years working for Information Design Unit and branding agency Enterprise IG, he worked on lots of bills and forms for clients such as Vodafone, T-Mobile, HMRC and the Department for Transport – along with airline timetables and hospital wayfinding to keep things interesting. Now working independently, Robert splits his time between his own client work, providing his skills to other creative agencies, and blogging about examples of confusing information that make him cross.

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