North West Technical Communicators

North West Technical Communicators Group

Title: North West Technical Communicators
Location: MadLab
Description: Technical writers/communicators, information designers based in and around the North West.
Date: 05-07-2012
Start Time: 19:00
End Time: 21:00

Title: Beyond The Comfort Zone

Speaker: Robert Scott-Norton of Sage UK

Robert’s presentation will focus on the changing world of technical
communication. Technical communicators sometimes worry about the future of their roles as user-generated content grows, documents shrink, and agile methods make teams of ‘generalists’. But there are opportunities to use the skills that technical communicators possess – somewhere out there beyond the comfort zone. This story is one of how technical communicators were part of a key project team to manage thousands of customers through the transition to new software. From designing the earliest messages, planning and delivering both a customer and employee engagement plan, producing specialist materials for hundreds of conference attendees, all the way to inventing a robot. It is how the skills and knowledge of technical communicators can provide
essential complement to those of product managers, marketing communicators, and technical support experts to produce something radically different from another help file. It is a story of what might just exist for you somewhere, just a little beyond your comfort zone.