Night of the (Physics) Demons – Thought Experiments and Short Fiction

Night of the (Physics) Demons

Night of the (Physics) Demons

with Sarah Schofield, Marie Louise Cookson and Dr Robert Appleby

Location: MadLab
Date: Friday, 20th December 2013
Start Time: 19:00
End Time: 20:00

Not a screening of the cult British horror film (starring Dana Andrews), but an evening of short stories about the two demons of physics: Maxwell’s and Laplace’s – two fictional creatures invented by physicists to prove deep theoretical points.

Authors Sarah Schofield and Marie Louise Cookson have been the first to respond to Comma’s new science-into-fiction commission, Thought X, an exploration of science’s own version of the short story – the thought experiment. Tonight’s readings explore two 19th century thought experiments, rooted in two opposing visions of time: the symmetric-time world view, in which time can be scrolled forwards and scrolled back from any, and the asymmetic, Entropic world view, in which everything spreads, untraceably and irreversibly in one direction only.


Supported by the Institute of Physics.

Followed by Comma’s Christmas drinks.