New CSS courses at the Omniversity

This autumn the Omniversity will be running two CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) courses: CSS Basics and Advanced CSS.

CSS enables web developers to create imaginative, beautiful and accessible websites. CSS makes it easy to change the style of a website and by separating style and layout from basic HTML content, reduces server bandwidth requirements, ensuring faster downloads.

Both courses will be run by Chris Mills, open standards evangelist, tech writer and developer relationship manager at Opera Software. Chris edits and writes articles on open-web technologies for his own site A List Apart, .net magazine and more. He is the author of Practical CSS3: Develop and Design (Peachpit Press, 2012) and co-authored Interact with Web Standards (New Riders, 2010).

Chris is passionate about web education. He is the creator of the Opera web standards curriculum and member of W3C group The Open Web Education Alliance. Chris has over 10 years’ experience working with HTML and CSS, including future-facing technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.

CSS Basics

CSS Basics will be held on Saturday October 13th at Manchester Digital Laboratory and costs £100.

It will look at the basics of CSS and teach fundamental theory such as the box model, the cascade, specificity and the basics of layouts using floats and positioning. The sessions will also cover some CSS3 features such as shadows, border radius and CSS3 selectors.

It’s expected that you will have a reasonable knowledge of HTML already and know how to use the web. So, if you’d like to move beyond basic HTML, or you’ve always been intrigued by what’s current in web development come along and check it out. No prior knowledge is required but it might help with learning the theory a bit quicker!

Advanced CSS

The Advanced CSS course takes place on Saturday November 3rd at Manchester Digital Laboratory and costs £100.

It’s the ideal course for those who already have a working knowledge of HTML and an understanding of CSS Basics. What you’ll gain is a knowledge of advanced CSS techniques and CSS3 features, vital parts of a toolbox that will enable you to use cutting edge CSS3 techniques in your future web development.

Advanced CSS will take you further in your knowledge of CSS. You’ll get a look at features including multi-column layouts, flexbox, CSS sprites, advanced web font usage, responsive web design and CSS3 transitioning.

Both courses include lunch and refreshments. You will receive an electronic copy of the teaching materials as well as the relevant software. Free hosting will be provided by MadLab, enabling you to test and refine your site.

Chris Mills will be running HTML5 courses at Omniversity in 2013. Details will be up on the site soon. If you’d like to be kept up-to-date, please drop us a line with your email address.

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