New Book from the Omniversity’s Chris Mills

Hear ye, hear ye! Chris Mills, open standards evangelist and Omniversity tutor par excellence has recently been published by Peachpit, a specialist publisher that deals in technology textbooks, ebooks and videos for creative people.

Chris has run a series of web design foundations course for the Omniversity, from HTML basics to Advanced CSS. The latest on offer are the CSS Basics, an all day introductory session to the marvels of CSS starting on Saturday 13th October, and the Advanced CSS course, starting on the 3rd November. His new book, ‘Practical CSS3: Develop And Design’ is available both in print and as an ebook and can be bought here.

What’s so special about yet another programming textbook, I hear you cry? In the words of the author himself:

Practical CSS3 was written with three main purposes in mind. I wanted to create a usable snapshot of where the CSS3 landscape is in 2012, and what we can use now in modern web sites. I [wanted to] promote open standards and associated best practices, for example using vendor prefixes responsibly, so … you don’t needlessly limit your styling to only working in one browser. And finally, I wanted to thoroughly look at how you can use CSS3 features but still ensure that your core content and features are accessible in older browsers like IE6, something a lot of books don’t give enough attention to.

Check out his blog for more details and more importantly, buy his book!

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