New Bid writing course at the Omniversity!

bid-writing-MLMay  2013 will see an all new bid writing course at the Omniversity. Led by Laura H Drane, this one day session has been created with the small-to-medium enterprise in mind and aims to help you make the best application possible.

Whether it be for hundreds or hundreds of thousands, this course can be tailored for your specific needs. At the end of the session you will come away with an in depth understanding of the application process, a more secure knowledge of what funding is available to you and much needed experience in answering questions that will usually come up. The  most important thing is that you will gain a great deal more confidence in approaching the dreaded bid application!

For more information or to book a course, you can visit the course site here or contact the leader herself via twitter @laurahd

About the course leader

Laura has secured funds from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of pounds for a wide range of organisations, and provided training in bid-writing to the RSA, Clore Leadership Programme, and British Science. The course she will deliver is based on this programme, and will be the first time these materials and exercises will be available to the public and smaller organisations.

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