Net Tuesday


Title: Net Tuesday
Location: MadLab
Description: Free monthly gatherings for social changemakers and web innovators to network, socialise and share ideas about how nonprofits and social benefit organisations can use the social web for social change.
Start Time: 18:30
Date: 2012-03-27
End Time: 20:30


March Meetup: Erm, when was that? Community calendaring…

There are tons of events going on – how do we best publish, filter and share them?

Google Calendar? Lanyrd? Facebook? N0tice? All/none of the above?

Our focus this month will be on effective ways to pool together information on events and activities relevant to our sector.

So far, we’ve a range of speakers and projects to share – by all means get in contact if you have something to add…


Marvin McTaw from will join us remotely to talk about their platform – in use across thousands of conferences and festivals.  First highlighted by Wired magazine when in use atSXSW,’s content management system combines calendaring, social interaction and analytics to help eliminate event management headaches.

Sarah Hartley from n0tice will join us to talk about their hyperlocal notice boards.  For a local example – check the Manchester Histories Festival

Jon Udell will talk about the Elm City Project - which is “rethinking the community calendar“.  This projects brings together event information from a variety of sources and websites – enabling people to search, filter and subscribe.  Using web standards is a core of the project – check out the calendar for Manchester (in New Hampshire!)

Caroline Lai will also be on hand to talk through their use of Google Calendars in the Warrington Community Calendarproject.  The challenge here – how to aggregate events from multiple community groups – is something we are all familiar with….