Net Tuesday


Title: Net Tuesday
Location: MadLab
Description: Free monthly gatherings for social changemakers and web innovators to network, socialise and share ideas about how nonprofits and social benefit organisations can use the social web for social change.

Start Time: 18:30
Date: 24th May 2011
End Time: 21:00

This month we’ve a live link up with the Net Tuesday in Cambridge – to look at Twitter for non-profits and charities.

We’ve something both special and experimental (yikes) lined up for our May Manchester Net Tuesday meetup….

Our Speaker…

We’ve a talk from Ellie Stoneley (@e11ie5) all about the ins and outs of using Twitter in community, non-profit and campaign settings.

An RSA fellow, Ellie gained valuable insights into the way the internet can benefit very small communities during her 8 years with a website that was very much the ‘big society’ before it was even dreamt of, and has subsequently worked with RaceOnline 2012 & Martha Lane Fox the UK digital champion, the National Association of Local Councils, talk about local, ClearlySo, the Learning Pool, various Government departments, an occasional member of the E Street Band and a plethora of other businesses, public and private organisations which champion ‘local’.

Her social media experience has taken her from the UK to LA and to Madagascar and India in recent years

Follow Ellie on Twitter @e11ie5

And the experiment…

Well, Ellie will *actually* be speaking at the Cambridge version of Net Tuesday!  But by using skype, ipadio, some phones and of course, Twitter, it’ll be like we are there!  Pushing the limits eh ;)

The plan

Our plan is to:

  • Meet at our usual time of 6.30pm
  • Have a quick discussion of any Twitter related stories and tips people may have
  • Join Cambridge live over the Internet
  • Listen, discuss, tweet and enjoy

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