Net Tuesday


Title: Net Tuesday
Location: MadLab
Description: Free monthly gatherings for social changemakers and web innovators to network, socialise and share ideas about how nonprofits and social benefit organisations can use the social web for social change.
Start Time: 18:30
Date: 2011-04-26
End Time: 21:00

Bring your social media problems and insights to a round table event. Discuss how to get the best out of Twitter, the ups and downs of Facebook, share blogging tips, discover what has and hasn’t worked for others and share your experiences.

After such a lively discussion around the Save Levenshulme Baths campaign, we thought the timing might be right to turn the spotlight on how we all use social media in our campaigns, projects and organisations.

A ’round table’ format means we’ll not be hosting an invited speaker and instead make space for everyone to ask questions, contribute solutions and share best practice in social media.

There should be something for everyone wherever you are on the social media learning curve.