Title: moreCRIT
Description: The moreCRIT sessions were born out of talking to graduates about how they miss the formal group critique sessions that university offers.
Date: 17-08-2014
From  1300 to 16:00

Hello Photographers!

We are springing back with our follow up moreCRIT event to the Pomona tour. Since Hayley of Skyliner unfortunately couldn’t make the tour, she is coming along to tell us about the interesting quirks and history of Pomona at Madlab on the 17th August, 1-4pm. This will help to …inform you all a little bit more and hopefully inspire some ideas for everyone’s individual projects.

Our aim for the session is to get you all discussing each other’s project ideas in small groups, before opening the discussion up to the whole group about the eventual goal – do we want to exhibit the work, publish a zine, etc.

Here are a few links from which you can swat up on your Pomona knowledge.

Hope to see you all there!