Mitch Altman HackDay

Mitch Altman

Mitch Altman

Title : Mitch Altman HackDay
Location: MadLab
Description: Making cool things with micro-controllers!
Date: 2010-03-18
Session 1 : 14:00 – 17:00
Session 2 : 19:00 – 22:00

Mitch will be inducting people in the Art of Soldering, and the fundamentals of how to make your own devices from microcontrollers. He’s coming fully armed with kits and parts, so if you don’t have a project you want to work on already, there’s a number of kits and sets Mitch has kindly shipped with him -they’re listed below along with the costs associated with each.

We have broken the Hackday into Daytime and Evening sessions.

Please book to ensure you get a place!

All donations to go to a charity of Mitch’s choice.

Mitch also sent us a video of one of his previous workshops so you know what to expect.

Mitch’s Kits and Projects

Mitch will be turning up with a collection of parts and components; and if you cross his palm with silver, he’ll find what you need to make any of the following items…

  • Mignonette Game kit @ £30 each
    a way fun, way low-resolution hand-held computer console that you can use to create your own games
  • Trippy RGB Waves kit @ £5 each
    waves of colours follow your hand as you wave it over these
  • TV-B-Gone kit @ £15 each
    turn off TVs in public places from up to 50 meter away!
  • USBtinyISP kit @ £15 each
    a programmer for AVR microcontrollers
  • MiniPOV3 kit @ £15 each
    display messages of your choice through the air you wave this through
  • Brain Machine @ £15 each
    hallucinate beautiful colours and patterns while you drift off into fabulous meditation
  • MintyBoost kit @ £15 each
    with 2 AA batteries you can charge anything with a USB charging input (such as an iPhone)
  • Drawdio @£15 each
    fun and annoying noisemaker that changes noise as you draw on paper
  • LEDcube @ £15 each
    3×3×3 cube of LEDs with animated sequence

As well as project kits, Mitch will be offering BoArduinos, a super-tiny Arduino clone for advanced tinkerers.

  • DC BoArduino kit @ £15 each
    Arduino clone kit
  • FTDI cable @ £15 each
    this is not a kit — it is required to communicate with the BoArduino (and many other open-source projects)

Mitch also has a couple of readymade versions of the kits, so you can lie about how good your soldering skills really are.

  • TripGlasses @ £25 each
    A ready-made version of the Brain Machine (hallucinate beautiful colors and patterns while meditating!)
  • EU TV-B-Gone @ £15 each
    A ready-made keychain to turn off TVs in public places (with a stealthy batman-like look)
  • NA TV-B-Gone Pro SHP @ £30 each
    The ready-made version, the size of an mp3 player, that turns off TVs in public from up to 150 meter away! One model

Image courtesy of fumi

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