Micro Kabaret Screening


Title: Micro Kabaret Screening
Location: MadLab
Date: 31-03-2013
Start Time: 19:30
End Time: 23:00








At Filmonik, we’re well acquainted with the slogan, “do well with nothing, do even better with a little and do it right now!” It’s the credo of the Filmonik Kabaret, where creativity, skill, passion and commitment are pushed to the limit and sheer love of filmmaking wins the day. And yet… during a full Kabaret we are blessed with some of life’s little luxuries – equipment, a work space and a modicum of time.

The Gorilla Micro Kabaret is where we up the ante. No rules, no lab, nothing to aid you but what you can bring to the party yourselves – whatever equipment, skills, talent and knowledge you have at your disposal. You’ve proved what you’re capable of achieving “with a little…” Now’s the time to show what you can do with nothing.

Part creative jam session, part cinematic bootcamp: three whole days of flat out, peddle-to-the-metal 24/7 guerrilla filmmaking; a chance for filmmakers, writers, actors, musicians, artists and creatives of all types to come together in a spirit of creative collaboration, to put their inventiveness, ability to improvise and eye for an opportunity to the test, and to have fun with film.

Whatever your skill or interest, the Micro Kabaret has something to offer. For Directors, it’s a chance to hook up with actors, writers, cameramen and editors, for cameramen, sound techs and editors, it’s a chance to hone your skills in a high-pressure environment, pair up with directors, and start working as part of a filmmaking team. For writers, it’s a chance to workshop ideas with actors and get that script on screen. For musicians and composers, it’s a chance to try your hand at scoring a film, or performing on camera. For actors, it’s an opportunity to improvise and workshop characters and gain invaluable experience working with different types of directors and an array of varying dramatic roles. For every participant, it’s an opportunity to build up material for your show reels, to collaborate with new people, and network. Taking part in Micro-Kabaret films often leads to future projects and work outside of Filmonik. But you only get out of it what you put in – so get involved and push your talents to the max!

Every film must arrive at the screening by 8pm, and must contain the credit “Gorilla Kabaret #5, Filmonik screening #60″.


Any questions, please email info@filmonik.com.

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