Marketing Your Own Business

Digital Matters: MDDA’S Business Development Programme

Title: Marketing Your Own Business
Location: MadLab (Upstairs)
Description: DIGITAL MATTERS: MDDA’S BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME. A practical session aimed at introducing the delegates to focused themes essential to good project management as well as business planning.
Start Time: 16:00
Date: 2011-01-19
End Time: 19:00
Booking: The event is free if the business registers via the booking link Marketing your own Business. The business must be Manchester based and willing to complete the Manchester Digital Development Agency Workshop Monitor sheet.


Event One: Marketing your own Business
The event will commence with speakers from the sector who will share their knowledge and experience on improving their business approach to activities suitable to find new businesses and generating additional leads. This will be followed by two parallel workshops, lead by practitioners who have been
successful in developing activities and strategies which have enhanced their businesses profiles at ‘face to face networking events and via online groups and activities. Both workshops will explore techniques that a new business could apply with a shoe string budget, and will consider methods to monitor and evaluate their effectiveness.
The event will seek to cover
  • Review how you have used networking activities to raise your business’s profile.
  • Consider where and how you might engage in meeting new potential clients & customers (both online and face to face networking)
  • Reflect upon how you might ‘come across’ at events. Consider how you view yourself and how others businesses might see you when approaching networking activities.
  • Develop and renew your business’s sales “elevator pitch”
  • Equip yourself for different types of networking events / groups
  • Consider how one might build partnerships or alliances with businesses beyond just the ‘sell’

Event Outline

4.00pm to 4.15pm    Delegate Registration

4.15pm to 5.15pm     Panel Introduction

Practitioners Overview: Speakers will provide an overview to the event by consider where to meet and convert new businesses leads.

Panel Speakers:

5.15pm to 6.30pm    Parallel Workshops

Both workshops will be lead by a practitioner who will share their experience of using online and face to face networking.

Workshop 1: Chris Roberson,  247 Uptime

Face 2 Face Networking

  • Exploring the different types of networking events – their suitability, target audience, expectations and their potential for digital, creative and ICT businesses.
  • Consider some of the selling skills – developing your own pitch, elevated pitches, face to face selling, having an impact
  • Reflect upon whether networking is for finding collaboration rather than just to sell – looking for potential partners and alliances

Workshop 1: Chi-Chi Ekweozor, Real Fresh TV

An introduction to Social Media & Online Networking & Promoting your business

  • Consider which social media platforms / groups are most effective for marketing your business
  • Explore social media marketing techniques to increase your business profile
  • Evaluate the use of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter whilst on a shoe string budget to generate suitable and qualified leads.
  • Review and evaluate your own profile on social media.

6.30pm to 7.30pm   Informal networking over glass of beer / soft drink.