MANTIS in Motion

MANTIS in Motion

Title: MANTIS in Motion
Location: MadLab
Description: As part of the MANTIS October 29-31 2010, Fall Festival at NOVARS University of Manchester you are invited to MANTIS-in-motion.
Start Time: 19:30
Date: 2010-10-31
End Time: 23:00

The artist/s taking part -
Rodrigo Constanzo and Maurico Pauly - Live improvisation.
Rodrigo Constanzo is a Spanish-American performer and composer living in Manchester, England.  He is an avid improviser and performs regularly using home made electro-acoustic, and modified electronic instruments. He has performed at the FUTURESONIC and Manchester Jazz Festivals in Manchester, the SOUND Festival in Aberdeen, and the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.  He has released several CDs including an improv duo CD with Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, and most recently, I AM YOUR DENSITY, a large ensemble improv composition which includes the graphic score with it. He is currently involved in several projects including Takahashi’s Shellfish Concern, an improv based performance-art group, and Deaf To Van Gogh’s Ear, a minimalist math/pop band. He also co-runs The Noise Upstairs, an improv collective and label which puts on monthly nights and quarterly workshops in Manchester.
For the performance I would be doing a “table top” type setup with Mauricio very similar, if not identical, to this:

Mauricio Pauly was born in San José, Costa Rica. His music has been performed in England, Germany, France, Hungary, Russia, Paraguay, Spain and the United States by ensembles including the JACK Quartet, the Ikarus Chamber Players, Tres Americas Ensemble, New York Miniaturist Ensemble, Juilliard Pierrot Ensemble, Iturriaga Quartet and Psappha Ensemble. Pauly is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Manchester. He has previously studied in San José, Miami, Boston and The Hague with Fredrick Kaufman, Lukas Foss and Richard Cornell and has attended lessons with Marco Stroppa, Michael Jarrell, Jonathan Harvey, Hugues Dufourt, and Andrea Szigetvari. Mauricio was awarded the Staubach Honoraria for a new work which was premiered in Darmstadt, 2010. Past awards include the Esther Kahn Career Entry award 2004, the Pablo Sorozabal Composition Competion 2005 and the Budapest Clavicembalo Foundation Composition Prize 2005. Mauricio is a founding member of the Altavoz composers with whom he has recently released a compliation CD. He lives in Manchester, UK and teaches at the Royal Northern College of Music.
As a performer Mauricio mostly plays electric bass but often includes the use of other instruments, amplified objects, sampling and live computer processing.
Brona Martin – composer
“Missing” is a short, non linear, experimental film by Holly Kennedy with an Electroacoustic Soundtrack by Brona Martin. “It is a personal expression of loss, a sense of missing , the cycle of life, death and grief. It is a reflection of the distortion of time, the darkness and abstractness of the mind in the wake of death. It was created in direct response to a personal loss” Holly Kennedy

Solitude-Silence A/V piece with a live soundtrack by Thomas Bjelkeborn and Mark Pilkington.  Video edit by Michael Larsson.
Duration 25 minutes.
“Solitude Silence has a desolate setting, it is vast and empty. A white washed-out surface and the slow structures gives a sense of dislocation and disappearance ”
Mark Pilkington is a performer and composer of electronic and electroacoustic music.  Interested in fusing together audio/visual structures that can be manipulated from a score or improvised in real-time thus presenting performances that question traditional concepts of art, music and technology.  He works in the areas of screened works, recordings, installation and live performance.  Currently a PhD candidate at the University of Manchester (UK).
Ricardo Climent - composer.
Pre-release / private rough-cut screening of: S.LOW – vip lounges are for ALL
Presented by Ricardo Climent
Duration: 30 minutes film – 15 minutes discussion => 45 minutes

Synopsis: S.LOW – vip lounges are for ALL is a non-linear non-directed film as the result of the S.LOW Projekt (Berlin).  In the summer of 2010, about forty international and national visual artists, music composers working with electronic media, musicologists, performers, engineers, physical scientists and film-makers met in Berlin to discuss the concepts of low and slow in the context of the city.
The film explores how art can survive outside the comfort of large institutional support and if as a result, artists can change the rules of engagement with audiences by giving the latter equal importance in the process of sharing and making arts. With an emphasis on people and by documenting ‘the things in between’ while the S.LOW projekt lasted, this audiovisual work allows listeners to navigate through a number of values and concepts such as, trust, believes, authorship, excellence, art-killing rules, dream-cities, time-to-share or being-faithful, as seen by the artists.