Manchester WordPress User Group 15th of June Report

Manchester Word Press Users Group — 15th June meeting 7-9pm

Mike Little Co-founder of Word Press runs this. He was one of the co-developers.

13 people attending: 4 women; 8 men

Mixture of people: developers, designers, freelancers interested in web site design and so on.


Word Press News
AllFM group project report
Questions and Answers
Chance to show off WordPress site

Manchester WordPress Users Group

Recommendations for Word Press hosting were talked about. Mike offers a managed hosting service.

WordPress News
WordCamp is coming up in Portsmouth 16-17th July. Full 2-day conference on WordPress. Being held at the University. All things WordPress. Going to be a WordCamp Scotland in October.

There is a php conference 8-9th October in Manchester.

WordPress 3.2 is on its way. Aiming for the end of this month. There will be a new core theme and good enough to develop child themes from this.

AllFM project
Not a lot has happened with the AllFM project

What needs adding:

Profiles for the presenters
Track listings
There is also ‘Listen again’

There is a development version being worked on.

Questions and answers
There was an issue with code and this was solved by a plugin.

Another issue that was discussed was that of not enough memory on the hosting server. The issue could be related to the theme.

Disappearing pages from community arts north-west site: Some pages would not load, although others did. It was an issue to do with categories or plugins. Page names were conflicting with the category names.

Bacon ipsum and veggie ipsum exist.

Multilingual sites are possible using a plugin. There is a free version, but there is a paying version. is a site that illustrates this. WPML is the plugin costs $79.

Puffbox – Simon Dickson

Bbpress is a useful standalone forum for WordPress. Will soon be a plugin.

Don’t forget BuddyPress. for a try out. Also buddypress sites, e.g. we heart this is an example

There are wiki-like plugins for WP.

There’s a re-direct plugin.

Affiliate links.

2011 WP theme is currently being tested on

Thanks to Gary Motteram for writing the report.