Manchester Raspberry Jam 1

Manchester Raspberry Jam

Manchester Raspberry Jam

Title: Manchester Raspberry Jam 1
Location: MadLab
Description: The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer with an ARM chip that runs Linux and you can buy one for about £30. It’s designed to bring the hype of BBC Basic back in to schools – you just plug one in to a TV or monitor, attach a keyboard and mouse, and start programming!
Date: 09-06-2012
Start Time: 10:00
End Time: 15:00
Register: This event has has passed. The upcoming event can be found here


Come along to the MadLab for a day playing with your (or somebody else’s) brand new Raspberry Pi! We’ll start with a ‘Getting Started’ session for people to be shown how to get their Pi up and running by mounting a Linux OS on to an SD card and seeing things happen on a TV screen. Following that we’ll have a number of Barcamp-style talks and demos to explore what people are doing with their Pi and to inspire ideas for interesting applications.

What you’ll need

  • If you have a Raspberry Pi, do bring it with you, but it’s not essential as you will be able to watch demos and play with other people’s Pis
  • If you’re bringing a Pi, bring as much useful stuff as you can – USB keyboard, mouse, HDMI (or other) cable, SD card(s), power cable, network cable, etc
  • If you feel like giving a talk or demo, prepare something and we’d love to see what you have to show

The event will be free but donations to the MadLab will be gratefully accepted!

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