Manchester Lucid Ubuntu Global Jam

Ubuntu Global Jam

Ubuntu Global Jam

Title: Manchester Lucid Ubuntu Global Jam
Location: MadLab
Description: An incredible opportunity for the Ubuntu community to unite together around the weekend of 26th – 28th March 2010 to work together to improve Ubuntu.
Start Date: 2010-03-27
Start Time: 10:00
End Date: 2010-03-28
End Time: 16:00

What is a Jam?
The Ubuntu Global Jam incorporates events that have been organized over the world to get Ubuntu contributors and fans together to have a great time and improve Ubuntu. Each event has one or more of our four themes:

  • Bugs – finding, triaging and fixing bugs.
  • Testing – testing the new release and reporting your feedback.
  • Upgrade – upgrading to Lucid from Hardy or Karmic and reporting your upgrade experience.
  • Documentation – writing documentation about how to use Ubuntu and how to join the community.
  • Translations – translating Ubuntu and helping to make it available in everyone’s local language.
  • Packaging – work on Ubuntu packages and improve them.
  • Other – other types of contribution such as marketing, packaging, advocacy etc.

see UbuntuGlobalJam for more info

General Info

Schedule / Presentations:

Presentation: “Reporting Bugs: Real life guide to improving Free Software” by Michael Dorrington


  • Simon Wears
  • Gordon Allott
  • Lucy Bridges
  • Les Pounder
  • Luke Taylor
  • Michael Dorrington


Learning Revolution Transformation Fund logoThis event is supported by the Learning Revolution Transformation Fund.