Manchester Linux User Group

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Title: Manchester Linux User Group
Location: MadLab
Description: ManLUG is a group of GNU/Linux users from in and around Manchester who meet up regularly to discuss Linux and the GNU operating system.
Start Time: 14:00
Date: 2010-11-27
End Time: 17:00

Introduction to iptables and packet filtering.

Speaker: Richard Ibbotson
- Location: Madlab. (Manchester Digital Laboratory). Upstairs.
- Address: 36-40 Edge Street, Manchester. M4 1HN.
- (Between Thomas Street and the Craft Centre, opposite A Bar Called Common)

Richard Ibbotson from Sheflug has very kindly agreed to visit Manlug, the talk is a brief introduction to iptables and packet filter with some examples. He will show an easy to use graphical interface that should help the end user to understand how to eventually get to the point where they can write their own rules with a text editor.

Hope to see you all there.