Manchester Google Technology User Group

Google Technology User Group

Title: Manchester Google Technology User Group
Location: MadLab
Description: Google Technology User Group in Manchester, England
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2011-03-07
End Time: 21:00

Hello all

The next meeting of the Manchester Google Technology User Group will take place on Monday 7th March, at the usual place (here at MadLab!) and at the usual time (7pm). DJ Adams is giving a talk on Gmail Contextual Gadgets. Here’s a bit of blurb on what these gadgets are from

“A Gmail contextual gadget is a gadget that is triggered by clues in Gmail, such as the contents of Subject lines and email messages. For example, Gmail already provides a YouTube contextual gadget. If the body of an email contains a link to a YouTube video, a clickable thumbnail view of the video appears at the bottom of the email.”

You can not only build read-only gadgets, but also build gadgets that have forms and user interaction, thus extending the use and context of a received email, and build out your apps platform to provide all sorts of workflow possibilities.

Come along to chat about all things Google tech, and learn more about these fascinating bits of technology.

More meetup info at: Hope to see you there!