Manchester Google Technology User Group

Google Technology User Group

Title: Manchester Google Technology User Group
Location: MadLab (Upstairs)
Description: Google Technology User Group in Manchester, England
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2010-08-02
End Time: 21:00

Theme: Physical Book Annotation Project (Next Steps) and Android App Inventor

Following on from last month’s meeting, where we defined the project, created a project on Google Code Hosting, and started coding, we’ll take the next steps and see if we can’t get something working for our first book, and our first QR code. Thing is, which book should it be? After all, it’ll be a great honour, an historic moment, perhaps!

What’s more, I have been lucky enough (thanks to the GTUG organisers at Google) to have gained early access to the fantastic looking Android App Inventor, so it’ll be worth coming along for an early play with this stuff.



Welcome to the home of Manchester GTUG, the Google Technology User Group in Manchester. If you want to find out more about GTUGs in general, see the GTUG homepage.

If you’re in Manchester and interested in talking about Google Technology with like-minded people, this is a good place to start — so please join the group. There’s a Twitter account, @mangtug, that you might want to follow.