Manchester Google Technology User Group

Google Technology User Group

Title: Manchester Google Technology User Group
Location: MadLab
Description: Google Technology User Group in Manchester, England
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2011-06-06
End Time: 21:00

Well folks, Google I/O 2011 has been and gone and what a fantastic event it was. What’s more – and even better – is that all the sessions are available online. From Developer Tools to Android, from App Engine to Google Apps Scripting, from APIs to GWT, there is something for everyone.

This month’s meetup, on Monday 6th June, is to reflect on the sessions, and share thoughts and ideas as to what the next 12 months will hold. The projector should be available for us to watch one of the sessions online. Then we’ll retire to a local drinking establishment (Common, Mini-Marble, etc) to discuss further.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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