Manchester Free Software

Manchester Free Software

Title: Manchester Free Software
Location: MadLab
Description: The purpose of Manchester Free Software is to promote the Free Software philosophy.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2011-03-15
End Time: 20:30






  • Talk: BCS OSSG (British Computer Society Open Source Specialist Group)
  • Speaker: Graham Oakes and Mark Elkins (Chair, OSSG)


Don’t worry, Manchester Free Software is still a Free Software group and not an Open Source group! We still stand for software freedom and believe that Open Source misses the point. Still given that, we think it will be great to hear what the OSSG have to say. And its a chance for MFS to explain Free Software to people who know Open Source but haven’t heard of Free Software, and as RMS says in “Why Open Source misses the point of Free Software“:

“We in the free software movement don’t think of the open source camp as
an enemy; the enemy is proprietary (nonfree) software. But we want
people to know we stand for freedom, so we do not accept being
mislabeled as open source supporters.”

About the BCS OSSG:

“The BCS Open Source Specialist Group exists to help demistify open source practice and its implications, to illuminate the pros and cons of open source and to act as a centre of expertise within the BCS. Through lively debate, presentations and leading by example, we aim to showcase the potential of open source software development and the impact it may have on software engineering in the future.”

In the talk the BCS OSSG will present:

  • Their role.
  • The work they do.
  • Their take on the state of Open Source and Free Software in the UK government and business.
  • What can be done to increase education about Open Source and Free Software in the UK.

In addition the speakers will also present their personal take on Open Source and Free Software. The speakers are:

“Graham Oakes helps people untangle complex governance, processes, relationships and technology. He works with organisations such as Oxfam, Greenpeace, Amnesty, the Open University, Skype, Vodafone and Sony to define strategy and hence set up projects to deliver it. His book “Project Reviews, Assurance and Governance” is published by Gower.”

The event will include a Q&A session, discussion and then lively debate in the pub afterwards.



Around the venue there are parking meter bays that become zero cost after 6pm on Tuesday but get full up. There are paid parking lots around the venue, the light blue P in this OpenStreetMap centred on Madlab. A lot of them, perhaps all, are are owned by NCP. If you can’t decide otherwise then park in Manchester Arndale.

Public Transport

Manchester Victoria (MCV) train station, Shudehill tram station and Manchester Piccadilly bus station are all fairly close to Madlab, see OpenStreetMap centred on Madlab. Manchester Piccadilly (MAN) train station and Manchester Central Coach Station are not too far either.