Manchester Free Software

Manchester Free Software

Title: Manchester Free Software
Location: MadLab
Description: The purpose of Manchester Free Software is to promote the Free Software philosophy.
Date: 19-06-2012
Start Time: 19:00
End Time: 20:30





Free Software advances around the world


Free Software has had much success in different places around the world but people in the UK are often not aware of this. So Manchester Free Software is having a talk to help rectify this and inspire greater use of free software in the UK.

“The talk will be describing some of the advances that free software has made
in different countries around the world, discussing some of the
pro-freedom legislation, the battles that have been fought with
proprietary software companies, and highlighting the positive impact
that Free Software has had.”

The event will include a Q&A session, discussion and then lively debate in the pub afterwards.


  • Bob Ham

“I’ve been using GNU+Linux and advocating free software
for over 10 years. I have helped develop numerous free software
projects including professional audio systems, high level database APIs,
and more recently started working on software for free phones such as
the Openmoko Freerunner and Golden Delicious GTA04. I work as a GNU+Linux
system administrator.”



Around the venue there are parking meter bays that become zero cost after 8pm on Tuesday so you’ll have to pay up until then and the maximum stay is 2 hours BUT MAKE SURE YOU VERIFY THIS. There are paid parking lots around the venue, the light blue P in this OpenStreetMap centred on Madlab. A lot of them, perhaps all, are are owned by NCP. If you can’t decide otherwise then park in Manchester Arndale.

Public Transport

Manchester Victoria (MCV) train station, Shudehill tram station and Manchester Piccadilly bus station are all fairly close to Madlab, see OpenStreetMap centred on Madlab. Manchester Piccadilly (MAN) train station and Manchester Central Coach Station are not too far either.