MadLab’s Revolution

The Co-Operative is running a scheme called the Join the Revolution, to get £5,000 for funding, and MadLab wants in!

The Co-Operative is doing something rather admirable. We normally associate it with nipping in for our lunch, or somewhere to get your insurance. However, it is also now reinvesting in the community and offering £5,000 to several groups with excellent ideas. These are chosen by the public, as anyone and everyone can vote.

There are four sectors in the revolution, combating climate change, tackling global poverty, inspiring young people and benefiting the community, which is the section we come under. They have already helped out several other projects, from wind power to saving bees. The deadline is the 29th of May, and you can vote for as many organisations as you please, so get voting!

Ever looking for ways to make ourselves sustainable, we have applied to the Join the Revolution fund. In a nutshell, our aim is “Democratising access to technology, art and culture through free events and community engagement”.

Vote for us here!

We want to make our space more welcoming to a broader audience. We are already home to 36 active groups who meet on a monthly basis and we are aiming to open the space more often during the daytime. We want to support more groups with better equipment, create more opportunities for the community and allow ideas, collaborations and creativity to flourish.

So how will we spend £5K, I hear you cry! One of our long term aim’s is to build an extensive library and drop in centre. That includes guide books on programming, electronics, hacking, art, exhibitions, science, as well as magazine subscriptions and a collection of DVDs. This would benefit all the regular groups and those who want some quiet space to tinker away on projects of their own.

With the other £2,000, we would like to build up some good equipment resources, such as cameras, computers, iPods and more, so we can provide more for our groups and Omniversity courses, such as the Summer Horror Movie Camp, Beginners Guide to Arduino & Physical Computing and Radio Production. This could also potentially work as a library, and would be there for you to use.

So please, if you appreciate what we do, and want to support not only us but the creative and digital community in Manchester, take a moment to vote for us. And when you have, let us know! Because we couldn’t do this without our friends.


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