MadLab T-Shirts are here!

Our long awaited t-shirts have finally come and you can be sure to see many MadLab lubbers to be modelling them, as you can spy here.


The design was selected from a competition a little while back, and the winner is Kerry Sholicar, from Magma Digital. And what a wonderful design it is! It conveys an array of typical MadLab objects, from USB sticks to tea pots blooming out of an unassuming cardboard box. Here is her design thought process-

The “bubble” borrowed from the MadLab logo is used to encapsulate illustrated elements that express a handful of thoughts, ideas and events that happen in the space. The sketchy style represents the relaxed friendly atmosphere that MadLab hosts, whilst the small box gives a sense of scale to the many communities that MadLab supports.

Screen printing collective One69a based at Islington Mill have produced a 2 styles of MadLab t-shirts  - one with the logo on (modelled by Natalie), & Kerry’s design (modelled by Lia).

So they are on sale right now at MadLab for £8. Come along & show your support for the MadLab community and grab yourself a lovely new t-shirt.

Add yourself to the growing pool!