MadLab needs TALENT

Happy New Year folks!
Hope everyone’s had a few nice relaxing days of rest. Now it’s time to get ready to meet 2012.
What better way then to be in a music video … about HMTL? We have the song (thanks Sam!), now we need the TALENT.

Omniversity has sort of a tradition of creating videos for our courses, but we’re taking it up a notch this year with a little song & dance.

We are holding auditions for singers and dancers to promote our Web Design Foundation courses. If you have the tunes and moves or just really love Web Accessibility fill in this form to audition.

Deadline for summiting is 25th Jan

Auditions will be held on the 29th of Jan, Sunday.

Web Design Foundation are modular courses, run by Chris Mill, covering the basics of Web Design, HTML, CSS, and Advanced HMTL & CSS. You can jump in at any level. We’ve successfully run these courses last year, and can’t wait to spread W3C compliance to all and sundry. But don’t just take our word for it, here are some testimonials.

If you think you know someone who could really benefit from these course, why not gift them a Geek Voucher?