MadLab Maintenance Day

MadLab Maintenance

Title: MadLab Maintenance Day
Location: MadLab (Downstairs)
Description: The first 2012 MadLab Maintenance team meet this month, to give MadLab some TLC!
Start Time: 11:00
Date: 2012-02-05
End Time: 17:00

The MadLab is a free community space. Everyone who uses the MadLab has the freedom to run public events here (free of charge), but also the freedom to change and improve the space. We have been running the MadLab for over two years now and we are more than pleased to see how many groups have made us their “home”.

Keeping the venue clean, nice, and shiny, fixing things that are broken and improving the interior however is a task that requires a lot of time and effort, which our small team currently doesn’t have. In order to keep on top of these maintenance tasks, we have started the MadLab Maintenance Team.
Renovation At The MadLab
We ask every group that meets at MadLab on a regular monthly basis to nominate one or more members each month to come in on a Sunday afternoon and help us tidy, mop, paint, and fix everything until MadLab shines again in all its glory.
We would like you to volunteer your time and DIY skills, to help us clean up the space. If you have a friend with OCD please send along!!

Regular duties

Sweep floors and stairs, mop floors, clean kitchen, clean the toilets.


To paint the 1st and 2nd floor, sandbast wooden floors ready to paint, box in the boiler, fix striplights on ground floor, tidy up cupboard and put shelves in cupboard on top floor.

Oh, and there will be free donuts, tea and coffee for all helpers!

We really appreciate your support and welcome any suggestions for the Maintenance Team or items for the to do list.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Natalie