MadLab Maintenance Day 1 Review

Over two dozen groups meet at MadLab every month – that’s hundreds of people, and twice as many feet walking over the floors and stairs, and just as many hands using the kitchen, the bathrooms, the desks and light switches. In order to withstand the strain, we set up the MadLab Maintenance Days – one day every month, where a member of each group helps fixing, cleaning and tidying the space where necessary.

For the first Maintenance Day on the 22nd May, we planned to paint the (slightly grubby) walls on the first floor, tidy up the wooden boards behind the stairs, replace broken light bulbs, and clean the dark little corners that had been gathering dust for over a year. Around midday, a small group consisting of Bob and Ben (HacMan), Paul (HacMan, DIY Bio), Richard (Writers forum), Kat (MGG, Sanctuary Game Night), Sam (Manchester Girl Geeks), and Matt had gathered at the MadLab for an afternoon of scraping, hammering, drilling, sweeping, and painting. With the help of four pizzas, a pack of biscuits, an endless stream of tea and half a crate of coca cola, the Maintenance Crew managed to tick off all the items on the checklist – and then got carried away with the fun part: general beautification. A computer station with two working PCs running Ubuntu was set up, the book case was moved to make space for the DIY Bio workbench, one of the toilets got a very funky new ceiling made from CDs, and the coffee & tea utensils were moved to a different corner along with the new water urn.

Everyone really enjoyed getting their hands dirty on the first MadLab Maintenance Day, and the many improvements that were made are looking fantastic. We hope that even more groups will get involved at the next event in June and show the space some DIY love, as we all benefit from a tidy, neat and clean MadLab!

The photos from the Maintenance Day,

The next maintenance day will be on the Sunday 19th of June, please email if you can help out.