MadLab Cafe : Pancake Day

Another month, another MadLab Cafe!

As this was near Shrove Tuesday, pancakes were clearly the obvious choice. So underrated – yet everyone loves them! So this was the medium of the day, helping bring people together who may or may not have met before, and also bringing new & old faces to MadLab.

We laid out MadLab with our finest porcelain (with thanks to Natalie’s Nan) and listened along to Arun’s very respectable music. Our good friends Josh, Sam & Bob popped along, and chin wagged about the prospects of the Omniversity & Music Hack Day. Ideas were formed for the music hack day, the movement of the social media cafe was mentioned, HacMans designs for a new bleeping donation box and even whispers of a summer party. Also we saw even more new people arrive than the first event – we had many families and curious couples wander through the doors, with many a small child happily distributing Nutella around their face. Take a look at the photos here.

Tom, the pancake maker, was unfortunately cursed by our mediocre hot plate, which did not cook the pancakes as quickly as hoped, and also disappointingly ruled out any flipping opotunities. However everyone enjoyed a myriad of savory & sweet treats. There was strawberries, nutella, whipped cream & syrup to freely destroy teeth and many cheesy, fresh salad and mushroom’d delights. In fact, Tom used this opportunity to explore the boundaries of pancakes by creating chili pancakes, embedded into the mixture. They were received with mixed opinions but his imagination is commendable nonetheless!

Our gracious thanks to the chef Thomas Swingler, along with Arun Hackett, our faithful cafe & comic enthusiast, for creating a wonderful pancake day and bringing the folks of MadLab together once more.

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Written by Lia.

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