MadLab at Play Space

Play Space at the Contact Theatre

Here at MadLab HQ we’re getting very excited our lovechild of art & technology, which is no doubt going to come out kicking & bleeping!

This is PlaySpace, a day of experimentation for all visionary brains to fool around with hi-tech toys & find out whats been jumping, skipping & karate chopping over the smudged line of the creative & the digital- all with the theme of identity.

This free event takes place on the 4th Decemeber 11.30am- 8pm, at the Contact Theatre.

This is a fine collaboration between MadLab, Contact theatre, Manchester Beacon, MDDA, BBC, and Manchester City Council.

  • Unconferences
  • Virtual Dance workshop
  • iMusic Making
  • Video Scratching
  • Oxford Road Story Telling
  • Improvised Dance
  • Political Street Fighter

Within this, MadLab will be brewing curiosity in the upstairs foyer. We will be asking you to re-etch those games you played as a child, hear a different kind of tweet from the drums, & see yourself in the motherboards eye by our beloved Rapheal the Robot. MadLab is once more reinventing technology for your delight and confusion!

The unconfernces will be exploring

  • Curation in a Digital Age
  • Tech 2 Create
  • Open Arts?
  • Digital Storytelling

Alongside this, Larkin’ About will provide the usual fun & frolics of childish games for adult minds & Me & the Machine is concocting an installation to confuzzle who you think you are and who you can be, once you give your body over to the virtual.

One particularly exciting opportunity is the chance for artists to win a commission worth £1500, inspired by the days events. If you fancy your hand in this, make sure you register from 11.30am.

To find out more, check out the Contact Theatre website or tweet #playspace.

See you on the other side!


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