MadLab at FutureEverything Festival 2011

MadLab are very proud to be part of FutureEverything, the award winning global festival of art, music and ideas held for the last 10 years in Manchester. We’ve been in involved last years GLOnet, where 2 of our directors have been sent to San Paolo and Istanbul. This year, we are parcitipaing on the in Manchester with three events.


This session will feature contributions from several representatives of the new DIYbio Manchester group, including preliminary results from their launch project – the Manchester Microbe Map.

More details available on the DIYBio webpage

Handmade’s Digital – DIY – Craft Fair

Come to Victoria Baths on Saturday 14th May to join crafters, hackers and makers from all over the country, as they showcase their work and ask you to get involved!

These stall holders will display their interactive and tactile works in a fun Handmade craft fair designed to get you inspired to make your own DIY artworks. We have artwork ranging from textiles to robots and sculptures to sonic and kinetic artworks?

MadLab & Hacman will be showing the Project-A-Sketch, and a new installation.

Listening to Firefox

On the 15th of May from 2 – 4pm we will have a salon discussing the wider implications of software culture.

Listening to Firefox exists to create a space for open and engaged discussion across a spectrum of digital-art-technology practice with an emphasis on the social, cultural and political implications of this work.

Book your place (free/limited):
Theme for this event: Open Source vs. The Big Society

More information

To be part of the conference sessions and workshop at FutureEverything, book your Festival Ticket

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