MadCo-Working Review

One month in and it’s all systems go for MadLab’s Mad Cow Friday co-working sessions. Populated by a pick-‘n’-mix of Manchester’s finest freelance talent, it may well be the case that a stranger is simply a Mad Cow co-worker you haven’t yet met!

As a freelance writer, I loved working from home, choosing my own hours, and not having to worry about office politics. But once the novelty wore off, I began to miss the banter and camaraderie that co-working provides. I wanted to find a space where I could work in the company of others whilst still getting a sufficient amount of work done. Cue Mad Cow co-working sessions!

So far I’ve met some great people who work across a variety of different sectors. We’ve shared stories, networked, and we even take it in turns to get the brews in. What’s more, I find that the physical act of shouldering my laptop bag and going to work in a place that isn’t a) my home or b) a bar works wonders for my productivity.

So, if you’re free on Fridays and you need a space to work without the ubiquitous distractions of Bargain Hunt, Cowboy Builders and Jeremy Kyle, then Mad Cow may be exactly what you’re looking for.

For the paltry sum of a fiver, you’ll benefit from open wifi, unlimited tea and coffee, and, if you’re an early bird seeking the ever-elusive worm, a breakfast buffet of croissants, crumpets and, for vitamin-junkies, some of your five-a-day fruit.

If you’re an epicurean, you can make use of our fully-refurbished kitchen and rustle up your own culinary masterpiece (we never say no to taste-testing, either).

Moreover, you’ll benefit from meeting likeminded individuals in a relaxed and informal environment and, most importantly of all, you’ll have the time and space to work on your latest project and meet that all-important deadline!

#MadCow takes place all day every Friday. So boycott Bargain Hunt. Banish Jeremy Kyle. Come along to MadLab’s Mad Cow co-working sessions and have it your way!

Written by Steve Hollyman.