Mad Graphic Novel Group – The Boondocks Treasury: A Right To Be Hostile

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Title: Mad Graphic Novel Group – The Boondocks Treasury: A Right To Be Hostile
Location: MadLab
Description: A discussion group for those looking to talk, argue, debate about graphic novels, comics, comix and web-comics.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2012-02-07
End Time: 21:00

To start this year of graphic novel discussion, we are going to read a rather politically active graphic novel called The Boondocks: A right to be hostile by Aaron McGruder. This book is a collected treasury of the controversial newspaper strip, starting the story involving two contrasting brothers, Huey , an anti-government, Black rights activist who loves star wars and hates bad churned out African American comedies, and Riley Freeman, his complete opposite who idolises rappers and likes to call himself ‘Esco Freeman’. Both these brothers move to a white suburb with their grandfather, leading to many an interesting interaction with the neighbours.

The newspaper strip was famous for its exploration of what many would call ‘off-limits’ subject matter. This came across in many forms such as taking an ‘unpatriotic view’ towards the 9/11 attack, BET and its insulting representation of the African-American community and at one point, when commenting on certain individuals comparing George Bush to Hitler, Huey saying that this is outrageous as “Hitler was democratically elected by his people”.

The comic itself had circulation in around 300 newspapers (at many points, many papers also rejected certain strips), has spawned 3 collections of the complete run and spawned a cartoon that ran for 3 series.

I am also pleased to say that during this meeting we will be (drum roll please)….. ELECTING THE GRAPHIC NOVELS FOR THE NEXT YEAR!!! We have already had some suggestions but nothing will be set in stone until the next meeting, in which we will discuss it at the end. This would be a perfect time for new members who haven’t been sure when they could start coming because you will get the opportunity to contribute to the group’s reading for the next year (& beyond).

Please bring some money for food if you are interested (£5 recommended) and a donation for the Madlab, the place at which our lovely group takes place.

Hope to see you there!!!

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