Mad Graphic Novel Group – Review on Pyongyang

This month’s Gng was an intimate one looking at Guy Delises ‘Pyongyang: A journey into North Korea’
There was a mutual appreciation for this book with discussion of the groups favourite moments, the
A book additionally stimulated an analysis on North Korea itself, with an interesting perspective from Hwa Young,
originally from South Korean herself, living there during her years.

Another Joyous event that occurred during this month’s group was the declaration of a winner of our emblem competition, who was none other than Arun Hackett (@strontiumdogg)!!!
Arun coincidently is the recently promoted almighty leader of our graphic novel group and was the only one to participate in the emblem competition.

Anyone who questions our eternal president victory is a traitor to the Gng and will be tried for treason, sentenced to either death or reading
The Dark knight returns.

Propaganda posters and badges with our fearless leader’s face on them coming soon!!!