Mad Graphic Novel Group : Review of ‘Astro City’ by Kurt Busiek

This month’s book was “Astro city – life in the big city” by Kurt Busiek and was hosted by relative newcomer David Morris.

The book overall was well received by the group and stimulated a lot of discussion. Areas of discussion included the use of varying perspectives, the fact that the reader is pushed into an already set up world of superheroes and the use of such a diverse range of characters.

A big appreciation was vocalised towards the more human stories. Roberta liked the story of Marta, a file clerk who lived in a more supernatural and superstitious part of Astro city.

The web comic Dr McNinja, received a more mixed opinion with one side adoring the series (Me included) and the other side simply thinking it wasn’t their cup of tea.

A fantastic evening concluded with the expectation of heated discussion for next month’s book, which is “Local” by Brian Wood. See you there!

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With thanks to Arun Hackett, a good buddy of MadLab!

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