Mad Graphic Novel Group – Parker the Hunter

Mad Graphic Novel Group

Title: Mad Graphic Novel Group – Parker the Hunter
Location: MadLab
Description: A discussion group for those looking to talk, argue,
debate about graphic novels, comics, comix and web-comics.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2011-03-01
End Time: 21:00

This month, we have the pleasure of reading the graphic novel adaption of Richard Stark‘s Parker the Hunter. This wonderful piece of crime  fiction was adapted by none other than Darwyn Cooke, the mind behind the acclaimed DC: The New Frontier.The book revolves around a criminal called Parker who is left for dead; the book tells the story of his journey of vengeance and his quest to retrieve his money. This book will be hosted by the one and only Christian Etadafe.

This month, to go with our tale of crime, we chose the webcomic 319 Dark Street. more of crime/humour than crime/noir, we have the link here for those who want to read it as soon as:

The usual customs are on such as getting pizza, so bring along some Cabbage (that’s money, if you bring literal cabbage, we may consider it for the next Kimchi workshop, you will not get pizza) if you want food and drink (please also donate to Madlab because it does rely on our donations).

So come one and all to the madlab Gng. Dames and Hoods are welcome and don’t be bringing those flatfoots around, AND DON’T BRING ANY ROSCOES, not after the last time.