Mad Graphic Novel Group – Local Review

This month’s book called Local brought together mixed opinions of praise, disdain and in most cases, somewhere in the middle. To say some expressions of GNG member’s opinions about this book were intense would be an understatement. This book contained 12 vignettes containing tales focusing on a girl called Megan McKeenan as well the people she meets during an emotional year of her life. This in itself brought debate; were Megan’s stories the highlight or the ones of the band, her brother and her cousin? This went undecided. This book was compared against other graphic novels the group has reviewed such as fun home for they both tell tales of daughters who want to understand a parent, as well Asterios Polyp for the humorous fact that both can be summed up by the phrase “(Hollywood trailer voice) ONE PERSON’S JOURNEY”. The views of the book altered over the evening, some (by this I mean one by the name of @strontiumdogg and other positive viewpoints confessing that although this book is a good read, it is a good read, it isn’t the greatest book they’ve ever read. Members such as the host Omar @threefournine stood by the book particularly because they could relate to the emotional connections with ideas such as home. Interestingly, looks at Brian Wood’s other works such as DMZ (a series that comes with high recommendations from the guy writing this post) came up with some saying it’s an unfair comparison between two books differing in genre while others saying a writer is the sum of his works. Overall, it was a fantastic night and because of the passionate discussion of the book, we didn’t actually talk that much about Hipster Hitler, the webcomic of the month. Hipster Omar on the otherhand….

Written by Arun @strontiumdogg