Mad Graphic Novel Group – Judge Dredd Case Files Volume 5

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Graphic Novel

Title: Mad Graphic Novel Group – Judge Dredd Case Files Volume 5
Location: MadLab
Description: discussion group for those looking to talk, argue, debate about graphic novels, comics, comix and web-comics.
Date: 04-06-2013
Start Time: 19:00
End Time: 21:00





So with June, I say “BORAG THUNGG, EARTHLETS!” we are returning to the greatness of 2000AD as we discuss the leading man we know as Judge Dredd and read the fifth case file volumes, collecting too too many artists and writers work to list them all but does include work from the likes of the John Wagner, Alan Grant, Carlos Ezquerra and Ian Gibson!!!

To those who don’t know much about the book we are going to discuss, 2000AD is the home of many famous Britain’s science fiction and fantasy comic stories and characters such as Slaine, Rogue Trooper, Johnny Alpha and the law himself, Judge Dredd.

Judge Dredd himself is no simple character in no simple world. In the future, the law as we know it has altered drastically!!! The law procedures as we know it have been mostly replaced with individuals known as the Judges, who can really be described as police officers who know can not simply arrest the criminals but also judge them as well, which as 2000Ad so eloquently puts it “They are judge, jury and EXECUTIONER”. Judge Dredd himself is the perfect example of these Judges, Riding the mean streets of Megacity One dispensing Judgement upon the criminals who reside in this city filled with millions of citizens, each a possible criminal!!!

This volume in particular collects amongst its many stories the famous story arc known as the Apocalypse War, A tale in which Dredd’s home of Megacity One is razed to the ground in a nuclear fire!!!

We have our usual routine of ordering food if people are interested, so please bring a fiver if you are interested, along with a recommended £2 donation for the Madlab at which are group is hosted.

Hope to see you there:)

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