Mad Graphic Novel Group 7- Double Bill Review

This month was our first graphic novel double bill, it brought together two titans of the comic industry in very interesting animal lead tales. Writer Grant Morrison and frequent art collaborator Frank Quietly’s touching modern mecha take on the classic story The Incredible Journey in We3 and Brian K. Vaughan and Canadian artist Niko Henrichon’s award winning Pride of Baghdad which was based on true events of escaped lions in Iraq in 2003’s “Shock and Awe” campaign.

The group were very positive about both books and discussion shifted more in to comparing the two stories the strengths and weaknesses in the story telling and art work, the general consensus was a lot of praise for We3’s Frank Quietly art style as it was described as unique and “ugly beautiful” due to it’s depiction of the animals and humans as not perfect looking, Niko Henrichon’s art was also praised especially the colouring.

The story telling was also talked about with Grant Morrison taking a back seat using dialog while Quietly told the story through the art, Brian K. Vaughan had an anthropomorphic take on the animals in his story giving us the inner workings of the community of animals. The group praised the Vaughan’s knack for strong characterisation in a short space of time and  the discussion touched on how Pride could be seen as a metaphor for the plight of Iraqi refugees.

It was an overall positive session with most of the group favouring We3 over Pride of Baghdad as the stronger story due to Quietly stunning artwork.

Written by Omar Johnson