Mad Graphic Novel Group – The Ballad of Halo Jones

Graphic Novel

Title: Mad Graphic Novel Group – The Ballad of Halo Jones
Location: MadLab
Description: A discussion group for those looking to talk, argue,
debate about graphic novels, comics, comix and web-comics.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2010-12-07
End Time: 21:00

Decembers adventure into sequential art discussion brings us another Alan Moore book. The Ballad of Halo Jones is a bit different from the last shadowy Moore outing. An early 2000AD, strip this Science fiction story has a very human feel and is distinctly different from other 2000AD stories of the time. The tale follows everywoman of the 50th-century Halo Jones as she lives though the mess that is life in future.

The ballad of Halo Jones

The Web-Comic up for debate is a favourite of mine, harkavagrant by Kate Beaton. These loosely based on history comics are full of wit and whimsy. To often I’ve found myself laughing aloud on buses because of them.

Please bring money if you want pizza or to give a donation to Madlab.

The twitter hash tag is #Mad_GnG. Feel free to suggest future graphic novels here or on Twitter.

Future reading list