Title: Locksport
Location: MadLab
Description: A free introduction to the very basics of lockpicking and opening locks (not doors)
Date: 17-03-2012
Start Time: 13:00
End Time: 17:00






The locksport meet is a chance for people who have never been involved in the locksport community or even opened a lock without a key to learn a new skill. Tools and experienced enthusiasts will be there to help first timers with the basics. Lockpicking is an art that takes time to learn although basics are relatively easy to pick up in an afternoon. It takes far longer to become proficient in opening locks with better tolerances or more complex mechanisms. That said it is a very rewarding hobby with minimal start-up costs and near unlimited scope for new areas to explore.

The Locksport meets are also a great way to meet up with other members of the community you may or may not already know, geek out over locks and test your skills against other hobbyists & professionals. The meets we have had in London have been a great success and should prove just as enjoyable in Manchester especially as it seems to be a bit of a hot spot for local enthusiasts.

What you will (hopefully) learn/achieve

How to open basic pin tumbler locks, with raking and single pin picking techniques.

Open a fully pinned lock in a reasonable time.

Why all locks are not created equal and why it’s worth spending a little more with your local locksmith

If your doors could do with some new hardware.

What this event is not and what will not be on offer.

This is not a well organised course! It is a meet up and a locksport session. Do not expect presentations, classes, public speakers or much of a structure. This is an informal event as these things traditionally are, we will have tools to use, locks to open and brains to pick.

This is not a locksmith training course!

This is not a criminal training session! We open locks not doors, opening a lock on a door or attached to something is a very different skill and quite simply not an effective way to commit a crime.

We won’t be teaching bumping or bypass techniques although you may run into some.

Recommended reading

http://locksport.com/index.php/discover-lockpicking/l-i-guide/ the Locksport International Guide

http://www.lysator.liu.se/mit-guide/MITLockGuide.pdf The MIT guide


Equipment you will need

If you have lock picks bring them, if not basic picks and tensioners will be available on the day.