Mike Glynn’s ‘Living Map of Manchester’, an Arduino-powered Internet of Things Project

Mike Glynn attended our ‘Building the Internet of Things’ course last year, and has since created an excellent project. Mike works at HERE (a Nokia-owned mapping business) and is responsible for helping customers better understand their map data.

Mike decided to aid visualisation of expected and actual road speeds by using LEDs in a very flashy-looking installation. Read more about it on his blog:

The HERE platform publishes real time average speeds for roads belonging to the TMC (Traffic Messaging Channel) network – when these real time speeds are compared with expected free flow speeds a colour value can be calculated which indicates how freely the traffic is flowing. This technique is used by most mapping sites for displaying traffic conditions (e.g. here.com, google maps, bing maps). Here’s here.com showing traffic on the M60.



My aim was to replicate this in a physical form using LED’s – I chose the M60 because our office is located in Manchester.

Continue reading on Mike’s blog…

We’ll be listing a new Internet of Things course for 2014 soon. Stay tuned for updates!