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Title: Lean Agile Manchester
Location: MadLab
Description: Lean Agile Manchester is intended to be the home of Lean (Kanban), Agile community in Manchester and surrounding areas. Of particular interest to this group are practices and methods for improving the effectiveness of software development. Kanban for software development, Lean, Agile, Rightshifting, Continuous Delivery and Systems Thinking are just some of the topics for discussion.

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Date: 20-08-2014
From 18:30 to 21:00

The theme of this month’s meeting is: DevOps, a new focus for IT Service Management

With a new incarnation of ITIL under the stewardship of the Government and Capita joint venture, Axelos, DevOps is now being described as the way forward. Matt will be discussing how this might change people’s view of both ITIL and DevOps and his experience of cross pollinating these disciplines in three organisations over the past 7 years.

Matt Turner has been in IT Service Management for around 18 years at organisations such as Barclays, Moneysupermarket.com, TUI from workers co-operative ISPs to retail giants. He currently runs Service Operations for Network Rail.