DIYBioMCR goes to London for Lab Easy

Just like Dick Whittington, we’ve upped sticks and headed to London.

For the next two weeks, MadLab is hosting a Lab Easy at Clerkenwell’s The Arts Catalyst – they commission artwork that creatively engages with science, looking at links between the two.

Like a speakeasy, but with added test-tubes, we’ll be delving into the world of DIYBio with a whole heap of incredible biohackers from around the world.

To kick things off, we’re hosting a lab-raising tomorrow (Tuesday 5th March) with Dr Marc Dusseiller from Hackteria. Armed with Lego, gadgets and a bucket-load of enthusiasm, we’ll be building a shoestring lab on a budget.

Our residency will see us hosting fun-filled workshops into the wonderful worlds of bioluminescence, genetic modification and cellular gastronomy.

Check back soon for updates about our London adventures at the Lab Easy.

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