Kinokophonography – a short history

The Kinokophone collective provides a space for field recordists to share interesting sounds recorded from everyday and is open to those outside the entertainment industry to join in and listen to the unique collection and array of sounds on offer. People can come together and enjoy a collective listening experience, from anthropologists to designers to sound artists.

Kinokophone has been a regular presence at MadLab which hosted the first Kinokophonography session in November 2010. From this it has grown almost exponentially to the present day where it is now a recognised forum for field recordings and has held sessions at the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre in Japan early this year.

The Kinokophonists have been spreading their spores far and wide. Their first London event took place at the British Library on the 13th November 2012 and on the 15th November they will be hosting an artists talk at the John Rylands Library with an ongoing exhibition Kinokologue until 15th December. This exhibition is an on-going exploration of archiving sound, the first manifestation was at MadLab in November 2010 as Kinophonography in Manchester, which was partly funded by the Cornerhouse micro-commission.

A major part of the exhibition is exploring the nature of sound, delving into the relationship between the recordist and their collection by showcasing art originally created in response to the recordings. The artists talk will be held by three Members of Kinokophone – Takashi Tateoka, Michael Cacioppo and Amanda Belantara who will discuss the process of bringing their new interactive installation Kinokologue to life.

For more information, visit the collective’s blog where you can find out more about the creative process behind the collection. If you are interested in hearing the familiar in new contexts, do keep an eye out for upcoming events at MadLab and beyond.

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