Title: Kinokophonography
Location: MadLab
Description: With the hope of helping to create a platform for those interested in field recordings to share and discuss their work, kinokophone is organising Kinokophonography! Bring along a few favorites from your catalogue of recordings to play or come to listen to sounds and stories from around the world.
Date: 31-07-2012
Start Time: 19:00
End Time: 21:00

Kinokophonography is an event for sharing sound recordings, exploring the experience of listening and discussing what these recordings and the process of making them can bring to life. Send along a few favorites from your catalogue of recordings to play or just come to listen.

Open call for submissions:

Kinokophonone are welcoming submissions by field recordists and phonographers to share in a collective listening experience at our next listening event. Works can be un-edited field recordings or compilations of no more than 5 minutes in duration.

To respond to our open call, send us your sound files along with the following details:  track title, length and location of where the recording was made. The submission deadline  for our next session is the 15th of July. Please note that we have stereo speakers available for the event. Please feel free also include a short paragraph regarding your track or work if you’d like it to be included in our programme.

Theme Submissions

In addition to our open call, we welcome submissions around a theme. The next theme is: origin.  Please interpret this theme as you wish, and set out with your recording device. Next, please send us your recording (up to 2.5 minutes) by July 15th.  We will dedicate part of the evening to these specially produced recordings.

We await your recordings with open ears!

In the meantime…

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