Kick ass Coding with Clojure

Last Monday Rick hosted a talk at the Madlab on High Leverage Programming with Clojure, a dynamic general purpose functional programming language for the JVM (and CLR) that has rapidly gained adoption since its birth 3 years ago.

Kick Ass Coding with Clojure

The talk introduced the ten attendees to Clojure’s unique philosophy for managing time in multi-threaded programs, before engaging in an interactive exploration of the Clojure programming language.

After covering the basics of values and lazy sequences, Rick went on to show how Clojure programs are not text, but Clojure data; a fact that allows you to extend the core language itself with new language features.   Audience members were shocked to discover that in a single line of code they had written a compiler!

After the talk Rick mentioned how he wanted to start a regular Clojure Dojo in Manchester to explore this wonderful new language through pair programming and a reading group to study Functional Programming and classics such as the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

We’ve not yet planned the next session, but we have started a Google Group, so come along and join us as we put the fun into functional!

Stay tuned for more details!

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