Join the MadLab Yearbook Team

MadLab are making a Yearbook to commemorate and review a full year of all that’s happened. It also conveniently helps with our funding and will be taking centre stage at our spring prom.

6th grade yearbook #3

The Yearbook will content will include what we’ve done, who our groups are, case studies and statistics, amongst other things. With our new found fever for film making, we are also making an accompanying video Yearbook, which shall give us a visual insight into who and what the MadLab community are.

And we are calling upon our friends to help us do so!

For example, do you fancy taking the pictures? For this we need people who can dedicate to work on it on occasion over the course of two months, and we would keep in frequent contact to keep the ball rolling.

Or perhaps you’ve got a certain way with words? We need a writer who can deal with the case studies, which means reporting, dealing with interviews and also working with the video year book.

Maybe you feel more comfortable with film. In our documentation, we are going to be filming most groups that frequent MadLab.

We’re also looking for graphic designers to help with the production of the Year Book.

Maybe you like what we do and would like to sponsor the printing?

They are many ways you can help out.

We only need a small but dedicated number of people, those who do will be an integral part of the process. MadLab is at heart a community based project, and we’ll like to extend this project out to the community and work together with the great people who come here.

If you’re intrigued and would like to know more, email and let us know what you’ld like to help out with.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Photo Credit : Eric C.